dijous, 13 de març de 2014

Documentary about the refugees camp in Argeles

En la matèria d'anglès, hem vist un documental sobre els refugiats del camp d'Argèles i, a continuació, hem contestat les preguntes sobre aquest documental. El documental ha sigut molt trist, veure la recreació i les imatges reals ens han fet reflexionar i afirmar que acabar exiliat és molt dur.

Aqui teniu les respostes:

1. The borders of France were open the 6 of february, 1939
2. The spanish and catalan must walk 40 km on foot.
3. 449  Senegalese horsemen were guarding the refugees.
4. Because the francais order them to stay in their houses they didn't helped the refugees.
5. They sit between the others to make the ambient hot and don't freeze themselves.
6. Lung diseases,  scurvy,  and cerebral diseases were the most common diseases.
7. They went going truck by truck taking bread to get some food.
8.  Chanois and his friend did clandestinely recording the life in Argeles
9.  They bought fruits or greeness by money and thats how they trade.
10. Many women prostitute themselves to get some food for her son/daughter
11. The punishment was to make them do many turns on a roundabout
12.  To don't get bored, someone was  playing chess, anotherone was sewing.

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